VC consultations

Vice-Chancellor consultations (5, 15, 20 Feb) & questionnaire
These events are intended to inform further discussions with the University’s decision-making bodies. They are booked out, but you can respond to an online questionnaire, and if you are attending, consider asking the following:

  • does he believe that a complete transfer of risk from employers to employees
    is reasonable?
  • does he think that it is reasonable that post-92 universities offer a better pension scheme than pre-92 ones?
  • is he concerned about staff retention, given that salaries have fallen
    in real terms as well?
  • how much of the University’s healthy operating surplus is it prepared to use to defend its staff’s pensions?

If you get the ‘deficit as fact’ response, ask

  • for a clarification of what the best-estimate position of the scheme is (i.e. is it true that the best estimate is a multi-billion pound surplus?)
  • whether cancelling de-risking plans for USS would eliminate the deficit and bring contribution rates back down to near where they are now.