Picket lines and picket rules

We will have picket lines running throughout the morning of May 25 and May 26 at the Old Schools and Downing, New Museums, Sidgwick and West Cambridge sites. We will need pickets on the lines for every hour of action on both days.

Please sign up to help with the pickets here: http://goo.gl/forms/HTIKuHvN1jXebfgD2. Please volunteer for as many slots as you are able to do.

If you’re not sure of your availability, don’t worry! Just turn up to any of the pickets – we’re grateful for any support you can offer.

Picket Line Rules

  • Only those who are part of the dispute (i.e., those members who were balloted, and those who have joined since the ballot who would have been balloted had they been members at the time) are able to be official pickets; all others are visitors. Nevertheless we strongly encourage visitors to stay with the pickets and by doing so show their support for the strike.
  • The aim is that every picket line shall have at least three official pickets on it at all times.
  • All official pickets shall wear an armband identifying them as such.
  • Only UCU placards, leaflets and other materials, shall be allowed on picket lines. Party political material and newspapers shall not be allowed.
  • There shall be no chanting of slogans on the picket line.
  • There shall be no pestering or intimidation of University staff, students, or members of the public, crossing the picket line. All pickets and visitors will behave politely at all times and will be a credit to the union.
  • Students and exams: The most important thing to be mindful of is that we are picketing during the main exam period. Pickets and visitors must do their utmost not to distract or stress students ā€“ who are already under enormous pressure ā€“ on their way to exams. You will be supplied on the morning with localised leaflets addressed to Cambridge students; do feel free to hand those out, but not to students who are on their way to sit an exam.
  • All official pickets and visitors agree to abide by all of these rules, and should they not do so will be warned and then asked to leave the picket line.